Servo problem

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Servo problem

Postby cbosso » Wed May 23, 2018 8:30 am

Hi Scott -
My son and I bought your last mePed on Sunday afternoon at the Maker Faire this weekend. We've assembled the robot (it was a fun build)! Now we are having trouble with the right front pivot servo. It swings all the way to one side about 2 seconds after power on. To troubleshoot, I've tried connecting the right front servos to the right back channels and the problem seems to follow the servo (and I connected the right back servos to right front and things seemed to work correctly). When I disconnect just the right front pivot servo, I can make the bot bow. That tells me the right front lift servo is working fine. I've confirmed that the right front pivot joint moves freely. I've confirmed that the servo arm is centered. I'm using fresh alkaline batteries. I haven't tried loading any of the diagnostic software onto my Audrino yet, but given the troubleshooting I've done it didn't seem like that was needed to further isolate the problem.

So it seems the Audrino and the control board are just fine but 1 servo is not working properly. What do you recommend I do? If the servo is bad could you send me a replacement? I can send you my mailing address via PM.


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Re: Servo problem

Postby spierce » Wed May 30, 2018 5:45 pm

Hi cbosso,

I apologize for the delayed response and the issue you're having with the servo! Please email your address to and I will ship out a new servo. It sounds like the potentiometer in that one servo is faulty.

Scott Pierce

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